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Look, it's gonna happen. You wear your Swoveralls, and people stare. Longingly.
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Pin - Ask Me About My Swoveralls



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Super soft, cloud-like fabric

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Super functional w/ 6+ pockets

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Gender neutral sizing

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Made with sustainable materials

Free domestic shipping on qualifying orders and free exchanges and returns

Look, it's gonna happen. You wear your Swoveralls, and people stare. Longingly. Lovingly. Comfortingly? This pin says, "yes, you can ask me about my amazing outfit" without you having to say a word. Now, time to go out there and turn some heads.
Pin - Ask Me About My Swoveralls

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Pin - Ask Me About My Swoveralls

Look we totally get it. You want your Swoveralls to fit perfectly - we do too. Check out the below measurement chart to find that goldilocks fit for your perfect bod.

Just a heads-up: sometimes you might notice tiny differences in sizes (about a quarter to half an inch). It's all part of the game with measurements and how things are made. We do our best to give you the most accurate sizing info, but now and then, there might be a little wiggle room.

Swoveralls 1. Bib to waist 2. Waist 3. Hip (7" Below Waist Seam) 4. Thigh 5. Inseam 6. Minimum Strap Length 7. Leg Opening
XXS 12" 17" 19" 12" 25" 8" 5 1/4"
XS 12 1/4" 18" 20" 12 3/8" 25" 9 1/2" 5 1/2"
S 12 1/2" 19" 21" 12 3/4" 25" 11" 5 3/4"
M 13" 20" 22" 13 1/8" 26" 12" 6"
L 14" 21" 23" 13 5/8" 26" 13" 6 1/4"
XL 14 1/2" 22" 24" 14 1/8" 26" 14" 6 1/2"
2XL 14 1/2" 23 1/2" 25" 14 5/8" 27" 14" 6 3/4"
3XL 14 1/2" 25" 26" 15 1/8" 27" 14" 7"
4XL 14 1/2" 27" 27 1/2" 15 5/8" 27" 14" 7 1/4"

Size FAQs

What’s up with the inseam?

Swoveralls have a shorter inseam than typical pants to allow an extra-comfy drop crotch and ultimate range of mobility. But, Swoveralls are no 'typical pants' and also have an adjustable shoulder straps that can lengthen the seam if needed.

Measurement Guide

Ok, what about the waist measurements?

Swoveralls have a waist measurement that is going to appear bigger than what you typically wear in pants - but don't worry, this is to accommodate the sizing through the torso.

What is Flat Lay Measurement?

Flat lay measurement is an easy and comfy way to measure your clothes. You just lay the garment on a surface and then measure. This method helps you get the true size of the clothing. Follow the steps and image below to see which parts to measure!

How do I find my measurements?

  1. Grab your favorite pants.
  2. Lay on a flat surface.
  3. Measure based on the image we provided above.
  4. Use your measurements and our size chart to find your perfect pair.

Don't have time to take out your fave comfy shirt and pants? No worries! You can simply double the flat lay measurements of the waist, hip, and thigh for an estimated circumference. This quick method helps you get a good idea of how the garment will fit.

Still got questions?

You can check out our size guide quiz here.

Or reach out to us at