Our Story

At first we were just trying to solve a personal problem.

Sweatpant overalls didn't exist, and I wanted a pair.

Combining two of the most common apparel concepts, sweatpants and overalls, Swoveralls are cool, functional, and extremely comfortable.

To put it simply, Swoveralls are the comfiest thing you ever knew ya needed.

The Great Fantastic's mission is to create the world's comfiest apparel items using sustainable resources and ethical manufacturing processes.

Our Partners

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Our founder

"Where did the Great Fantastic name come from? When I was younger my mom would say it once in a while when she was reminiscing about her glory days. She always used the term when talking about risk-taking, adventure, and noteworthy experiences—which I guess is what this whole project evokes in me.

Said differently, The Great Fantastic is an adventure and experience I've created for myself, and anyone who wants to join me, as all are invited to the party!"

—Kyle Bergman
Founder, Chief Swoverall Officer

Kyle currently lives in New York City, and is also a part-time group fitness Coach. When he's not running around the city or on his laptop working on the brand, Kyle can be found training or playing for the Israeli Men's National Lacrosse team! Feel free to reach Kyle directly at kyle@thegreatfantastic.co