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Olga Torres

Swovie Nation,

Our pleasure to introduce you to Olga Torres - recent law school graduate, proud Swoveralls owner, and Co-Founder of LiberatedLasVegas.com. Olga talks to us about a day in her current life, why she loves the Swovies, and what her passions are. Let's go!

Chief Swoverall Officer Kyle: Olga it's a pleasure to ask you some questions and learn more about you - thanks so much for being our July 2020 Comfy Customer of the month! Let's start with what you do for a living?

Olga Torres: Thanks for having me Kyle. I’m a recent law school graduate. Currently, I’m a Legal Intern for Thomson Reuters as I study for the bar to become a criminal defense attorney.

""I love the versatility. Swoveralls can be dressed up or dressed down.""

Olga loungin'

K: What's a typical day like for you?

O: On a typical day, I’ll wake up and do some cardio outside before it gets too hot. Then I’ll shower and make a smoothie. After that, I’ll work from home. Once I’m done working, I watch a show before beginning to study. After studying is done, I’ll do anything that helps me wind down. So usually I’ll stretch and meditate before jumping into bed and catching up on my favorite shows.

K: How do Swoveralls fit into your life right now?

O: I love my Swoveralls. Pre-COVID, I would wear my Swoveralls to class or I’d dress them up a little for a night out. I actually wore them for the first time to the airport because I wanted to be comfortable yet still look stylish.

Now, because of COVID, I'll wear my Swoveralls just about every chance I get. Vegas is pretty hot right now yet I can still wear them out because they are pretty lightweight. So now, I'll wear them lounging around the house, running errands or even if I'm going to dinner.

K: What do you love most about your Swoveralls?

Y: I love the versatility. Swoveralls can be dressed up or dressed down. I've been able to wear my Swoveralls to the airport, to dinner, to the park, to bars, to protest, and just around the house.The hidden zipper is also one of my favorite things, if you don't want to carry a bag, you can simply use the hidden pocket for safekeeping.


K: Anything else/interesting you'd like the Swoveralls Family to know about you?

O: I have 2 main passions, one is fashion and the other is social justice. Although I am one step away from becoming an attorney, I hope to still incorporate fashion into my future. Whenever I can, I like to style people and/or help them locate articles of clothing that they're looking for to complete their look. Because I am passionate about social justice, I have co-founded LiberatedLasVegas.com, a site aimed to provide educational resources and a directory of Black-owned businesses.


And there you have it, the one and only Olga Torres sharing a little of her journey through the great fantastic with us. Check out Olga's site, and we also want to use this time as a friendly reminder about our Swoveralls for Justice public spreadsheet that exists to help educate, inform, and support the fight against social injustice.

And to YOU, Comfy Reader - Thanks for being apart of our story! We can't wait to launch more Swoveralls and other comfy things soon!

Yours in all that is Great and Fantastic,

Kyle Swoveralls

Founder & Chief Swoverall Officer

Have a question, comment, suggestion, offer? I'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me directly at kyle@thegreatfantastic.co

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