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Comfy Customer of the Month

Liz Robinson

Swovie Nation!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Liz Robinson - New York City based Teacher. Liz is staying comfy and teaching her "little friends" all the things about language arts and social studies at the same time. Times are a little crazy right now, but it's amazing customers like Liz that keep us going. Yes!

Chief Swoverall Officer Kyle: Hey Liz! Thanks so much for participating here, and being featured as our Comfy Customer of the Month! I'd love to start off with how the Swovies been treating you during this crazy pandemic??

Liz Robinson: Pre-Covid, I would change into Swoveralls as soon I got home for the night. Now, I get to wear them all day long as I teach remotely. My students all love them and are ready for the kids' line!

"They really are the comfiest thing I never knew I needed. Plus, I feel "put together" as I work from home."

Running the class via Zoom...and in ultimate comfort

K: What do you do for a living?

L:I teach fifth grade humanities, which is a combination of language arts and social studies.

K: What's a typical day like for you?

L: Every day is different! Some days I help students learn how to research and write essays, other days we explore the ancient Egyptian galleries at the Met, and most days I act as a mediator for middle school students and their social drama!


K: What do you love most about your Swoveralls?

L: They really are the comfiest thing I never knew I needed. Plus, I feel "put together" as I work from home.  


K: Awesome! Anything else you'd like Swovie Nation to know?

L: I love the mission of the company and supporting products that are made in the USA!


NYC-based Teacher Liz Robinson


And there you have it. Our amazing customer Liz teaching and swove'ing at the same time. We love to see it!

And to YOU - Thanks for being apart of the comfy movement! We can't wait to launch more Swoveralls and other comfy things soon!

Yours in all that is Great and Fantastic,

Founder & Chief Swoverall Officer

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