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5 Simple Halloween Costumes You'll Never Want to Take Off

Swoveralls will be the key to effortlessly winning any Halloween costume contests you find yourself in this year. Here are five simple costume ideas that incorporate these comfy sweatpant-overalls:

1. Pair up as condiments

Nothing screams "your other half" like Peanut Butter and Jelly. You and your bestie just need to slap on a label to the front pocket of your Swoveralls and you are good to go. With the colors available, there are a lot of combinations you can make: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Ketchup and Mustard, or even Sriracha and Mayo!

2. Reimagine the classics

This Jason costume is so simple and comfy, it's scary! Pair the right colored Swoveralls with a mask and you can recreate a lot of classic horror movie characters: Jason, Ghostface, Freddie Krueger, and Frankenstein to name a few.

3. Find your lucky charm

You are one pair of Swoveralls away from completing any Halloween costume. Elevate a regular outfit into a costume with this simple addition. This leprechaun costume is so perfect that you might question if it's really a costume. If you don't think you can pull this specific one off, you could try some of these other ideas: Santa Claus, a scarecrow, or even a minion. 

4. Join the Mushroom Kingdom

These beloved Nintendo characters have been wearing colorful overalls for years before Swoveralls made them so cozy. Wear a red or green shirt with a blue pair for the Mario Bros. A purple pair of Swoveralls can turn you into the infamous Wario or Waluigi. If you come across a Fire Flower, though, you'll just need a white tee with a red or green pair of Swoveralls!

5. Down the Rabbit Hole

With one pair of Swoveralls, you'll realize just how many characters you can create. A Midnight Black pair and a striped shirt can let you become Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Toss on a red scarf and you can become a classic mime. All in all, you could make an outfit that even Wednesday Addams would be proud of. 

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