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Comfy Customer Interview w/ Founder Kyle and Swoveralls Customer Elizabeth

Kyle: Hey everybody we’re here with a special guest - new swoveralls customer Elizabeth! Elizabeth and I met this past week, for the first time through email. If you're a Swoveralls customer, maybe you have received an email from me. I am Kyle the founder of Swoveralls, we send out emails asking for either existing customers or potential customers about their feedback about either why they bought a pair of Swoveralls, how they liked them, or what's maybe stopping them from buying a pair. And so Elizabeth was kind enough to respond to the email and set up a time to speak with me. And so we caught up this past week. And it was a really amazing conversation. It made my day to hear a little bit about your story and to hear about your experience with Swoveralls. So and you know then we we kind of kept talking and I we I was like people need to hear this conversation. Like it was just a good it was a good combo. So here we are again. And I guess for everyone that's either watching right now or watching the recording could you just share you know what, what your name is, where you live and maybe like a fun fact.

Elizabeth: I live in San Diego, or San Diego adjacent a little bit. And, you know, I was I was mulling over the fun fact part and I was like I will know there's lots of things that I like to talk about, but I couldn't really like apply like, like a specific fun fact to myself. I think it's funny that I did classical ballet for 12 years and now like just run into walls and fall and can't can't really like do anything. I think I love classical ballet and my body was like ok, hat's enough. So you would never most people would not believe that when they see being a human being and day to day life and then learn that I actually have the coordination to do that for an extended period of time.

Kyle: Love it. You recently got your first pair. How have they been treating you?

Elizabeth So they possibly got like the most intense stress test possible and performed wonderfully when I wore them for a full day at work and then actually moved, like moved houses  like after I got off work and was wearing them the whole time. So I love that, you know, I will often bring a change of clothing with me when I go someplace in case like my clothes betray me midday and I need to just get out of them and like have a backup pair of clothing. And I didn't want to take them off the whole the whole time. And that's that's like just objectively to anyone who knows me like very surprising, shocking. 

Kyle: Amazing in and I think you kind of alluded to it a little bit, but I'm curious, like, what's your what's your favorite part about Swoveralls.

Elizabeth: Like specifically what aspect fo the comfort, or just the comfort. In general, just comfort comfort is the most important part of clothing, like 95% of the importance but I think just the freedom of movement and the stretch and the give is like probably my favorite. That and just like not really, like what I will look for in a piece of clothing is I don't want to know that it's there most of the time. I just like it's just it like if I notice it, it's because it's like I sort of rubbed my hand up against it. Oh, that's a nice texture that's a good fabric or whatever it feels good like rubbing wherever it's rubbing or sort of like noticing it in that way but for the most part like I don't want to notice it on my body because if I notice it on my body that's usually because I'm uncomfortable or I'm noticing it in a negative way, so I'm sort of just like having it live on my body without like, like announcing itself every every 15 minutes is just like a huge selling point for me. Yeah.

Kyle: I really liked the way you describe that because it actually made me realize why I started this whole thing in the first place was, you know, we talk about, we want to free the waistband. And we want people to be really comfortable. But it's there's this kind of ironic problem that we're trying to solve. It's like, we don't want you to feel like you're wearing clothes.

Elizabeth: So I think I think it appeals to, like you said, like, sort of different people for different reasons, or like a marriage of reasons. Like for me, like being autistic, like my, my comfort is paramount to, like, my mental health and survival basically. So I think it really can appeal to people who sort of, like put, like, who's comfort and just sort of moving around in the world, like, matters to them a lot. Feeling uncomfortable can ruin my day so I feel like people who feel the same way are gonna really find a  lot of joy in this in this item of clothing. But also like you said, I think like it's just a it's a it's legitimately just fun item of clothing. And I like fun items of clothing. And I recently just I got I ordered the pink pair and I think that's that's exciting too, 

Kyle: So, you know, the other thing that's kind of serendipitous about us talking is that it is Autism Awareness Month, and I love that you were kind enough with your time to get on and chat with me, first and foremost as a human who values comfort. And then also as a proud Swoveralls customer, it's an honor to have you as a part of our company family. But I'm also curious,  given the month that we're in right now, what does Autism Awareness Month mean to you? 

Elizabeth: On like a very, like, personal level, it's, like, a time where I don't feel as soapboxy, I guess like giving  content to people or  sort of trying to educate a little bit more  wearing a shirt about it or like sort of just like, it feels like you know, I I had to learn a lot about it when I was diagnosed and there's a lot out there. It's not just like you can't really it's hard to do sound bites for like the kind of like education and awareness that sort of like needs to happen for for for a lot of folks. So it's sort of just like an nice time. And then it's nice just to see, like all the people that I follow, like really talked about a lot of like the joys that I experienced in our community. And just like really because like, well, it's not like, like, just like the an easy journey and an easy brain to be in. Like, there's a lot that I really appreciate. And so I think I'd take this time to truly try to, like, focus on that, more than the struggles and really kind of, like, take time to appreciate the divergent aspects of my brain that I think make my life really beautiful and special. So it's like, just like a nice, a nice excuse to sort of focus my brain on those parts of my community in that, yeah.

Kyle: That’s amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. Any do you have any questions for me?

Elizabeth: Do you make custom Swoveralls? Because if you could put manatees on a pair like wallpaper I would just live in them. 

Kyle: Haha! I love that. We do offer custom screen printing on the front bib pocket, but the manatee idea is wild in the best way. It’d be a little tougher to put that all over the fabric and keep it soft…but I’m going to put it on our whiteboard of awesome thoughts so we can try and make it work one day. 

Elizabeth thank you so much for your time today. It was a pleasure speaking with you, and we’re honored to have you as a part of our comfy family. Thank you!

Elizabeth: Thank you Kyle!

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