"The Great Fantastic was founded in large part due to a Buzzfeed article I read a couple years ago about sweatpant overalls for women. I immediately thought to myself, 'I want a pair' but alas, could not find any for men. So I made my own. In the process of doing so I had to create a business, but didn't want to pigeon hole myself into just sweat onesies (Swoverall Inc. crossed my mind), so I made the brand name more...universal. 

Where did The Great Fantastic name come from? Well, I wish the story was sexier...but the truth is my Mom would say it once in a while during my formative years when she was reminiscing about her glory days. The term was always used when talking about risk-taking, adventure, and noteworthy experiences - which I guess is what this whole project evokes in me. Said differently, The Great Fantastic has been designed to be a creative incubator space of sorts for things that may excite me." - Kyle Bergman, Founder 

Giveback story: a percentage of net profits are donated to Urban Pathways and The Israel Lacrosse Association.