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Heather Rose with Cream Cuffs  - an all new cozy color in an all new comfy fabric 

SuperComf™ Swoveralls - Heather Rose


Heather Rose with Cream Cuffs  - an all new cozy color in an all new comfy fabric 

Feel free to look through rose colored glasses when copping a pair of our all new SuperComf™ Heather Rose Overalls. To be real, we would never fault you for having an added luster for life while wearing these  — especially considering that they’re made with  55% recycled polyester, 45% recycled cotton, and come with extra brushed inside lining. Really? these may just be the comfiest Swovies we’ve ever concocted (okay we’ll stop being humble, they totally are). 

Sizing Upgrade: Exciting news! We're upgrading the fit and sizing for our 2X and 3X Swoveralls. If you love the current 2X or 3X fit - great news, they're on sale for a limited time! We'll be rolling out our upgrade fit styles soon along with an updated and accurate sizing chart. 

Pilling Warning: This collection pills easily. We know it's not everyone's preferred style, so we want to make it as clear as possible before you purchase this collection.   

About Our SuperComf™ Fabric Collection

The SuperComf™ collection is our comfiest collection yet (it’d be a weird name if we didn't mean it…)! How is this even possible, you ask? Well, not only are they made with a thicker fabric, but they come with a super, super, and-we-mean super, soft brushed fleece inside lining — plus, a big scoop of special comfy-sauce is served through the cozy, worn-in, never-taking-off look that comes from natural pilling that occurs as you wash them. Like a fine-wine (or your favorite old sweatshirt), our SuperComf™ Swoveralls only get better with age. 

*ff you’re looking for a lighter weight fabric and feel with no pilling, check out our Original™ Swoveralls.* 



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