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The magic of comfort in a little planning 🔮

July 2023

Volume 1, Issue 1


Kyle here, Founder and Chief Swoveralls Officer with a different type of email. I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while now, and I'm excited to share a monthly letter with you about comfort.

I guess you could call them comfortable thoughts. This isn't me trying to sell you more Swoveralls, this is me making sure you are living your best comfy life. What does that even mean?

Well, being comfortable can be a physical feeling (see: Swoveralls), but it can also be a mindset, and something I’ve noticed about myself is that I also feel a sense of comfort when I do a little bit of future planning.

My friend Corey Hackett has a saying I love,

“finish your day before you start it.”

Maybe you’ve heard of something similar, but the concept is beautifully simple: if you write down or list what you plan on achieving for the day in the morning or even the night before, you’ll experience a sense of satisfaction and control that I like to think of as a form of comfort.

We live in a hustle culture like never before, and while it can be energizing at times, it can also feel relentless and overwhelming. We help our future selves when we give ourselves a little roadmap for how to approach the next day.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, then here’s a quick little exercise I personally practice that I’d love to share with you.

Tonight, take 10 minutes to plan your day tomorrow using this framework:

  • List 1 thing you’d like to spend at least 1 hour on

  • List 2 maintenance tasks

  • That's it!

The 1 hour activity could be starting a new book, or calling a friend, or maybe doing a yoga class, or perhaps just taking an hour to relax. The maintenance tasks could be making your bed, scheduling that dang doc appointment, following up with that person about that thing. By creating 3 objectives for yourself that are doable, you’re setting yourself up for success, and thus I believe a feeling of comfort.

That's it for this issue, but I do have one request.

I'd love to know what tips you have to get comfortable? Or what does comfort mean to you?

Feel free to let me directly via kyle@swoveralls.com, and I'll personally get back to you :)

Stay Comfy,

Founder | Chief Swoveralls Officer

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